Fore Edge Services is a leader in software and web development for over 10 years now. We have grown in strength and resources to be at the forefront of this industry today. Presently, we have developed considerable proficiency and expertise in a range of web development services that include web designing, website development, ecommerce development, open source customization, yahoo store development, eBay store design and eBay store marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.


If you are interested in forming a long term partnership and a strategic business alliance with us, then we are interested to talk to you. We encourage a business alliance with companies and individuals with knowledge and resources that complement our requirements. With these ideals in mind we would like to hear from web developers, IT consultants, companies and individuals who are interested in partnering with us to further our business goals. Benefit from partnering with us by way of:


increased business opportunities

increased revenue generation

wider networking

access to our technical acumen


We offer several modes by which you can partner with us. This depends upon what role you play in your specific area:


Incase you are an independent marketing professional or business consultant with an interest in promoting services similar to ours then you could market our services to your clients. You may utilize your own brand name and mention your own costs. While you do the marketing, we will focus on doing the technical work in line with your specifications. We will remain 100% in the background while you promote our services in your own name.

Incase you wish to represent Fore Edge Services in your area, we will direct all queries from your area to you. Also, you can market our services as our representative in your area. While you interact with clients, we will involve ourselves with the development work

If you are keen on referring our services to other clients or solution providers, we will pay you a reference fee for every successful referral.

Incase you are a software development company, but wish to use additional talent or technical skills that we can offer, we will be glad to develop the solution for you.

In all cases, we will ensure complete confidentiality about you and whatever agreement we enter into. In no way whatsoever will clients come to know about our mutual understanding. Just rest assured that working together will only work to be mutually beneficial to us in the long run.