Our User Interface and Graphic Design skills are all about simplicity. Whether you want a basic website design, a Web 2.0 Interface, a Social Networking website design or an application redesign our UI design skills will certainly improve the User Experience on your website/web/desktop application.


Fore Edge Services has completed dozens of UI projects in different industries during the past ten years. We have a strong team of experienced designers who have a profound knowledge of information architecture, usability and user experience analysis. This expertise and experience makes us your preferred choice for designing functional, visually appealing, user friendly scalable web and desktop applications that have a lasting impact on the minds of your prospects and customers.


We are in India and Indians have always been considered as good programmers but not-so-good UI designers. We are trying to change that perception and our customers all over the world love our User Interface designs so much so that many-a-times big web development companies from US and Europe get their UI designs done from us.


Our User Interface design team has received compliments ranging from "Brilliant Design" to "Exceptional !! This is quite an un-India like Design" during our work all these years.


Fore Edge Services, has a glorious history of designing UI elements such as website graphics, wireframes, icons, skins etc. We have always been extremely careful about the look-and-feel or the UI of our websites and have always been appreciated by our customers. Some of the design principles that we follow with all our designs are


All our designs are well researched and analyzed

Simple yet attractive design

Propagates the correct message

Extremely easy to navigate even for the not so web savvy users

No use of superfluous images and icons.

Cross Browser Compatibility ensured for websites









Our understanding of the importance of design and the Internet as a medium makes us your company of choice to work with. We have been entrusted with the responsibility of producing exceptional interfaces for websites/web applications by many startups, small businesses and large organizations, alike. We have lived upto their expectations and have fulfilled our promises by producing high quality GUIs in collaboration with their various development teams during integration, testing and deployment of online and offline software products.


A User Interface Design Engagement typically lasts for 4 weeks or more and at the end of the project you get all the HTML and graphic files, JavaScripts and CSS along with the necessary documentation.

If you want to enhance your website's customer experience or need to have the next big Web 2.0 killer app designed, Contact Us